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    We have found Middlesex University graduates to be of exceptional quality, and we have been impressed with the capacity they bring to the company and the teams they work with. Over and above their strong academic background, these graduates are well-rounded individuals with diverse skill sets, who contribute to Uniblue’s growth and success.
    Sabrina Galea - General Manager, Uniblue

    Our ambition is to see Middlesex students succeed both at University and in their career. Our close links with business and industry give us insight into the requirements of different sectors and we design our programmes with our students' employability uppermost in mind.

    At Middlesex University Malta students benefit from the thriving financial services sector and a fast-growing ICT hub. With companies from all four corners of the globe opening offices in Malta, specialised graduates are quickly hired. In fact, over 93% of our students are hired even before graduating.

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