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    Stephen J Hall

    Stephen J Hall
    Stephen J Hall

    MSc Business Information Systems Management

    Choosing an MBA would have been a typical progression from my technical first degree but despite having a vast choice of universities to choose from most of the programmes on offer included only the slightest element of IS if any at all.

    Middlesex offerings were very different. Their Masters programme in Business Information Systems Management was the perfect match and this in conjunction with their reputation for being a very avant-garde university made the decision to study at Middlesex a very intuitive choice.

    Studying at Middlesex was a challenging and wonderful experience. Their administrative staff was very supportive of my commitments and concerns throughout the 2 year programme. The academic staff at Middlesex is nothing short of excellent and were always available to assist me with suitable guidance for maximising my learning potential.

    Today I am proud to be an alumnus of Middlesex University. Since my graduation I have successfully published an academic paper based on the research conducted as part of my thesis and have contributed significantly to the continued success of my business interests.

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