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    Master your Profession

    At Middlesex University our ambition is to change the lives of our students, and our industry-informed and practical-based courses deliver the specialist knowledge and advanced skills needed for students to take control of their career.

    At our Malta campus we currently offer 2 highly specialised postgraduate programmes under the school of Science and Technology;

    MSc Business Information Systems Management

    MSc Network Security and Pen Testing

    All programmes delivered at the Malta campus are fully taught and offered on both full time and part time basis.

    We are very proud with the accomplishments our students and alumni have achieved throughout the years. We have seen numerous academic publications, in reputable international conferences and journals and outstanding results from our postgraduate students.

    At Middlesex we ensure that students are able to make the most of their postgraduate qualification even after they graduate, with our specialist resources through the Alumni Association. As alumni students form part of a growing community with over 80,000 graduates, many of whom are leading lights in their chosen profession and perfectly positioned to assist graduates in their careers.

    Funding your postgraduate degree

    Endeavour Scholarship

    The Maltese Government has re launched the Endeavour Scholarship Scheme which grants students up to €8000 in postgraduate funding.

    The University holds a very high success rate of scholarship awardees, which have been granted the Endeavour Scheme within the past 2 years. Applications are eligible to Maltese and EU citizens who have been residing in Malta for the past 5 years.

    Academic Merit Scholarship

    The Academic Merit Scholarship requires applicants to have passed their undergraduate degree with an upper second or first class honours degree, and to fulfil all the stated entry requirements for the postgraduate programme of their choice.

    The top-5 ranking Merit applicants will qualify for a 20% discount on their postgraduate programme tuition fees.

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