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    Visa and e-residence


    You should consult your nearest Maltese Embassy or Consulate to see if you require a visa to study in Malta. Applications for visas can be made at the Maltese, Austrian, Italian, French or Spanish representations in your countries of origin. The visa initially issued by a Maltese Embassy is valid for one year; visas issued by Austrian, French, Italian or Spanish representations are valid for up three months (90 days) only.

    For full details of visa applications and Maltese diplomatic representation available to you, visit the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security website, or contact the Admissions Team.


    International students who stay in Malta for longer than three months (90 days) should apply for the e-Residence document, following their arrival and registration at the University. This document also doubles as a Maltese ID card. A residence permit valid for one year will be issued, subject to the submission of a health clearance certificate based on a chest x-ray undertaken in Malta within 15 days of arrival.

    Applications for the e-Residence document must be submitted either prior to the expiry of the visa or within the first month of entering Malta. Applications need to be submitted in person, and by appointment, to the Department of Citizenship and Expatriates Affairs.

    You will need to supply both originals and a copy of these documents as part of the application:

    Health insurance

    All international students, including those from EU member states, must obtain and maintain cover for health, medical evacuation and repatriation during the period of their enrolment of studies with the university.

    EU nationals will have access to Malta's state-funded health care services upon presentation of their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and an ID proving EU nationality.

    International students from non-EU member states are entitled to free treatment at Malta's state-funded hospitals and health centres in emergencies only.

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